PTA Bank account details:

Lady Margaret School PTA Account No: 01522486  Sort Code: 30-94-42


Don't wait until the next PTA meeting. Look here for more in-depth answers, from the school, to such frequently asked questions as:

I want to make a donation. Who do I make my cheque out to please?

‘Lady Margaret School PTA’. We are delighted to receive payment in whatever form, but It is much more cost efficient (time and money) for the PTA receive payment by electronic transfer to our bank if possible. If you would like to make one please email Will Downs for our bank details, and include your phone number. Thank you very much. And remember, if you are a UK taxpayer, please gift aid your donation.


How does the PTA allocate the money raised?

School Heads of Department submit ' Teachers Bids' that are generally agreed with Ms Stevenson & The Bursar before being forwarded to the PTA's monthly meeting for approval or modification. Bids are grouped so not only the first bids received are approved.

Parents can make bids in a similar way in order to, for example, create a more engaging environment, add resources or fund new activities.

Sometimes the school has urgent needs that transcend individual departments – a Grand Piano for example, in which case fundraising programmes are arranged around that specific project.


Why are Inset Days not attached to weekend or holidays, as in other schools?

Several Mondays and Fridays are already lost to public holidays and Church Services so the school avoids these as Inset Days. Inset Days during the term, when teachers are engaged with school activities, have been found to be far more effective as training days than days that are part of holidays.


Why doesn't the school have a minibus?

Changes in legislation has meant that members of staff who were able to drive a minibus were required to undergo an extensive (and therefore expensive) training programme, to qualify as designated drivers.

This cost was often reoccurring if trained members of staff left LMS – and more than one member of staff needed to be trained. (In addition, staff who were trained drivers were not always available to drive the minibus when required, because they were teaching other lessons).

These costs, combined with the running costs of our own minibus meant that it became more efficient to spend the money in a different way: to hire coaches on an ad hoc basis and use (our generally very good) public transport for more local outings.


Why is the PTA asked to buy textbooks? Shouldn't the government provide such basic items?

The examination boards frequently fine-tune their specifications that may or may not involve a change of texts. There is usually some provision in the budgets for making new material available to pupils through photocopying material, for example, but not always enough to allow each member of class their own textbook. On those occasions the support of the PTA is invaluable in providing a better arrangement - for pupils and teachers.


Is the PTA a registered charity?

The PTA became a registered charity on 26 June 2009. The Charity Commission monitors the association. The PTA’s Registered Charity Number is 1130371. It is good practice to show this in literature and promotional material in small point size alongside the logo and fundraising expenditure (printing etc) should be free of VAT charges.


Why aren't PTA social events held on a Friday?

Some members' plans for the weekend include Friday nights, so we think that attendance would be lower for events held on that day.

Many school events take place during the week (music drama, parents' evenings, meetings) and teaching and site staff like to go home on Fridays.


Why don't more dads become Form Reps?

Is it a hangover from the primary school arrangements when being a class rep was more about being available at the school gates and dads (generally) were less able to do this? Do dads spend more time on their sons' activities and less on their daughters'?

We're not sure we know the answer, but wish the question didn't need to be asked. 


Can I pay for school trips online?

Yes, you can this can done through Parent Pay For more details please visit the Parents Area of the school website.